Identify Your Alarm Panel

There are many alarm panels installed across the United Kingdom, the older the alarm panel the more difficult it can be to get replacement parts as some models may have been discontinued. However some panels have been around a long time and have evolved but the new equipment works on the older models.

In general detectors and sounders can be replaced relatively easily as many are universally compatible, however you may end up with detectors that don't look the same as the rest on the system, but keypads and replacement PCB's can be more specific and require like for like replacements.

Many Alarms have the name of the manufacturer or model on the main panel or keypad

In general if your hand is about the same size as the unit, the unit is the keypad, the main control panel will be much bigger.

Risco & Texecom alarm panels are covered below, if you cannot see it on this list try UK Security Panels for more information. If you still cannot find the alarm panel, then please send us an email with a picture of the keypad and panel or post on our forum.



These alarm panels usually have Premier, Veritas or Excel on the keypad, the main control panel may not have any identifying marks on the outside, other than Texecom bottom right on the control panelTexecom Veritas & Speech Dialler

Texecom Premier & Premier Elite Range