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The pricing table below gives an estimation of the associated costs for parts of a burglar alarm systems, actual prices may vary and does not include any discounts that may be applied.

During a Service issues may be found that require additional work to ressolve, especially if the system has not be maintained anually.

Such faults if known should be declared before Secure I AM arrive on site, should a fault be found that requires extra work, a quotation will be provided and where possible short term action implimented to make the alarm system useable. In some extreme cases the alarm system may be disabled.

Discounts available for those paying for a service contract, please contact us for details.

No VAT to be added, prices displayed are what you pay subject to confirmation from Secure I AM representative.

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All prices include installation and programming.

Extended warranties available subject to annual maintenance contract.

This is not a list of all products available, if you don't see what your looking for please ask.

This will allow you to tailor your system to suit your needs and give you a peace of mind. Below are few optional extras that you can add to the above system.
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*Special Offers must be booked by the end of the offer Month and paid with cleared funds 5 days before the agreed installation date.

If you have already received a quotation and can provide a full list of whats being installed we would like to be able to quote you.

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