Secure I AM Panel Back Up Batteries

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We do not ship outside the UK, all orders from outside the UK will be refunded and not processed any further.

Technical Support can not be offered without a valid Engineers code for the panel.

Available by appoinment only.

7Ah 12V Lead Acid - Fitted to most medium to large alarm panels

Secure I AM recomend Yuasa/ EnerSys/ Power Sonic Lead Acid Batteries

Battery supplied will depend on availability at time of ordering but will be one of the following brands Yuasa/ EnerSys/ Power Sonic

These batteries are usually used in Veritas 8/R8/R8+, Accenta, Premier and Premier Elite panels.

Your battery should be of adequate size to last several hours during a power cut.
Larger batteries may require changes to the battery charging rate.
Never exceed the maximum battery size for an alarm panel as specified by the manufacturer and the panels charging rate.

Caution: Some alarm panels do not have battery fail cut off protection built in.
You should never run a battery completely flat where there is no protection as this may damage the alarm panel.

Normally replacing the battery with the same size unit as previously fitted is advisable.

Normal hours: Support by appoinment is Monday to Friday 9am to 5 pm.

Extra hours: Support by appoinment Weekends and Bank Holidays, and before 9am and after 5pm Monday to Friday.

Please provide details of most suitable times if requiring support, appointment will be confirmed after battery has been delivered.

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It is recomended that only competant people install and maintain Security systems.