Pyronix Cloud 5 Year Subscription :
5 Year Renewal Only £120. Equivalent to £24 per annum

Secure I AM Shop allows end user and diy installers to purchase items using paypal, Secure I AM do not keep any card details.
There is no retail outlet all items available for delivery only.
Supplied directly from our warehouse or by our distribution partners.
UK postage is included except remote areas.
We do not ship outside the UK, all orders from outside the UK will be refunded and not processed any further.

Technical Support can not be offered without a valid Engineers code for the panel.

Available by appoinment only.

Pyronix Cloud 5 Year Subscription :
5 Year Renewal Only £120. Equivalent to £24 per annum

60 Months Subscrpition to the Pyronix Cloud

Pyronix Cloud subscription is required for Pyronix HomeControl+ and ProControl+ Apps

No Technical support offered
Not part of an annual service plan.
Ideal for DIY Installers

Note: All users should be switching from HomeControl+ to Pyronix ProControl+ App for optimal perfomance.

This Service is provided by Pyronix not Secure I AM.

Instructions will be sent in order to complete, in the event you are unable to provide the necessary information the service will be cancelled and the payment refunded.

Pyronix Cloud is available for the Pyronix HomeControl+ and ProControl+ App, and allows control of your Pyronix Enforcer or Euro46 alarm panels, ProControl+ allows Hikvision Pyronix cameras too.

Download ProControl+ Flyer

Whether your new to the Pyronix Cloud subscription service, or looking for better value Pyronix Cloud 5 Year subsription renewal, this Service is for you.

Cost £120 for 5 Years equivalent of £24 per annum

You may need to get your current Pyronix Enforcer Service provider to relase you in order to take advantage of this service.
If you have any questions please get in touch.

It is recomended that only competant people install and maintain Security systems.