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Secure Installation and Alarm Maintenance

Secure I AM, Install and Maintain Intruder Alarms & CCTV systems in the UK our primary coverage area is Oldham, Rochdale, Stockport, Bolton, Bury and Greater Manchester.

We support other areas of the UK remotely and onsite subject to agreement. We can even provide remote assistance worldwide, recent remote support to customers in India, Moldova and Spain on Texecom Elite products

Secure I AM specialising in the installation of Orisec, Pyronix, Risco, Texecom ranges of intruder alarm products, Hikvision CCTV and specific CCTV and Burglar alarm solutions at the customer’s request.

We offer support services on many other intruder alarm & cctv systems new and old. Availability of obsolete products may limit options available.

Intruder Alarm systems

Hard wired intruder systems can usually use any hardwired detection device or bell box, with a few exceptions.

Wireless Intruder devices are usually manufacturer specific, although some have wireless to hard wired interfaces.

Detection limitations with Pets around the home. Whilst it sounds great that the detection device will ignore your pets, the reality is it can ignore vertically challenged burglars or those that crawl around your home or business.
While your away your pets wont remain still and may jump up on to worktops, tables, sofas or climb the curtainsand these actions can trigger a motion sensor and perimeter protection is much more reliable for the room the pets are in.

All the Security equipment Secure I AM install or upgrade, the system is customised to best meet your needs and budget.

The basics of an alarm system, Intruder Alarm Panel, Keypad, Bell Box and Detection Devices.

Door contact for the entry door, PIRs in the hallway, landing and each of the rooms down stairs are a minimum consideration for a a two story home.

Bungalows however with PIRs in bedrooms mean if the room is to be occupied it there is no protection on a night set unless you have perimeter protection like shock sensors on windows or glassbreak detection devices.

CCTV Systems

When Secure I AM install cameras we ask what you want the cameras to be able to do based on DORI which is a standard which we work to.

DORI stands for Detect, Observe, Recognise, Identify. Many cameras state in their specification at what distances the camera is capable of meeting each criteria.

Cameras have evolved, low light or their own white light to get 24 7 full colour video in the darkest iof environments and two way audio allowing you to speak with your visitor even if you not around.

More specialised Cameras like ANPR and PTZ are not normally used in domestic settings.

ANPR cameras are suited to reading number plates as vehicles approach your premises and can be used to open gates automatically for ap.proved vehicles

PTZ cameras are useful to cover large areas and track intruders and gain close ups from some distance, Tandem cameras have a PTZ camera element for tracking intruders and a static camera, this maintain a fixed view of an area

So, whether you're looking for a Texecom burglar alarm in Oldham, Hikvision CCTV in Stockport or Orisec intruder alarm system in Bury.

We can provide a solution for you.