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Secure Installation and Alarm Maintenance

We Install and Maintain Intruder Alarms & CCTV systems in the UK our primary coverage area is all over Greater Manchester and surrounding areas. Secure Installation and Alarm Maintenance can cover other areas subject to agreement.

Secure I AM specialise in the installation of Orisec, Pyronix, Risco, Texecom ranges of intruder alarm products, Hikvision and Axis CCTV solutions.

We offer support services on many other intruder systems new & old.

Each manufacturer has a wide range of internal & External burglar detetection devices both hard wired and wireless.

CCTV cameras offer motion detection, 24 7 colour, notifications and two way audio options.

So whether your looking for a Texecom burglar alarm in Oldham, a Hikvision CCTV in Stockport or Orisec intruder alarm syatem in Bury. Check out our on site and remote services. As we do not always have to attend site to resolve some issues, its worth giving us a call for fix or advice on the next step.

We can cover remotely installations in countries outside the UK

Burglar Alarm and CCTV solutions should be tailored to your requirements, whether it is remote control, self monitoring, key holder response or Police response. Most alarm manufacturers have options for App control with notifications, SMS control, and PSTN (phone line), the systems do not need these to function but offer a means of remote control and notifiction of an alarm system event like a break in or when the system was armed or disarmed.

With the phasing out of PSTN services, is is recomended that new systems should not rely on these services as they my be fully withdrawn by 2025.

If the system is keyholder or police response, then the alarm must be installed in a particular way to meet the standards at the time, be regularly maintained by an alarm installer and appropriate fees paid.

Almost all Intruder alarm manufacturers offer an app which runs on your smart phone, using cloud based solutions, more and more manufacturers are charge an annual fee for this service, the fee varies depending on the level of service you have.

We rountinely install intruder alarm systems with as little as 3 zones up to 168 zones for those with larger properties.

Each Alarm system is optimised for functionality and your budget.

Support British manufacturers like Texecom & Orisec

Have an Alarm system with separate areas you can set, ideal for a house, garage and granny flat giving you one alarm system that acts like 3 separate alarm systems.

No matter what you need for your intruder security system Secure I AM are sure we can help at a price you can afford.

We only install quality alarm systems for your peace of mind, don't be fooled by cheaper alternatives sold by non professional installation companies, like some items found at Amazon, Ebay, B&Q or Costco.

Secure I AM can install and maintain any burglar alarm system, if you require a quotation for an intruder system to be installed in your home that is not on our website please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Please note we maintain and upgrade other systems that we do not install. We currently do not install Ajax, Galaxy, Honeywell, Verisure (this is a company specific product), Yale or Scantonic, we currently would not maintain Yale systems or products you can obtain from B&Q, Costco or diy outlet.

Whilst Secure I AM is based in Oldham, we cover many other areas across Greater Manchester and beyond.