Alarm Help Service

Installing alarms can be hard work, even after all the wiring has been done; you have to program the panel to get it work properly, Our alarm help service cn help.


We can help get your system up and running in hours, prices starting from £75, terms and conditions apply.

Help starts at £75. Texecom and Risco panels where all wiring has been run to detectors and bell box's, keypads etc should take around 1 to 2 hours, has 24 zones or less and is a domestic system, as this is our area of expertise, other panels or larger systems will only be considered after initial consultation. A free consultation does not guarantee Secure I AM will take your system on. Where we are willing to take the system on you will be provided with a quotation.

When requesting a consultation we will need to know as much information about the panel as possible.

What is connected to the panel, keypads, detectors, communication devices and bell box's?

Include the Make and model; this should be on your invoice from your supplier.

Tell us how far you have got, and what you are struggling with.

How you would like the system to work (any features you want to utilise).

After the system is rectified and tested, we will take you through a demonstration of using the alarm, so that you are 100% satisfied that it's a job well done.

Additional equipment will be chargeable

We are not responsible for any part of the system that was not purchased from us and no warranty will be applied to parts not supplied via Secure I AM. The help we offer is to get your system up and running only. Many alarm installers may advise the system would have to be replaced completely.

All this information up front can save time, as we can access manuals before we arrive if we are not familiar with a particular component of the system and we can advise you if the equipment is unlikely to work before we even start, for example a Veritas Excel keypad will not work on a Veritas 8 Compact. A Premier Elite AMQD will only work on panels where Triple EOL wiring is allowed. It is not uncommon for DIY installers to purchase incompatible equipment.