Texecom Premier Elite Free Remote Panel Firmware upgrade

Texecom annouced ....

Premier Elite V5.04.01 firmware is now available to resolve an issue that caused undue stress to revision 5 PSUs.

Full details are available here.

The firmware upgrade is recomended for all grade 2 Texecom Premier Elite panels.

Requires Premier Eite Panel Version 5.x or above (Menu 4 on the systems keypad will advise you of the current panel version).

Smart Com

An app code. (App codes are only valid for 60 minutes)

Engineers Code, if you do not have this we may still be able to help.

Access to Master user code (To initate upgrade via the systems keypad).

You must be free for upto 1 hour for the process to be completed.

Subject to availability and for a limited time only ends 4th December 2020.

Please visit our Contact us page to request the free panel upgrade.


The free service is only available to those with a Premier Elitle Panels pre version 5.04.01, with a version 2 or above Smart Com.

This is a remotely activated Panel upgrade which can only take place if you meet all the above criteria.

Feel free to contact us if you are unsure.

Only available to Texecom Premier Elite alarm systems in the UK

Secure I AM accept no liability for the remote upgrade process. The process must be allowed to complete uninterrupted.