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27th October 2020     Free Texecom Premier Elite remote panel firmware upgrade.

Upgrade from Versions 5.x for Free during November & Decemeber 2020 subject to availability. Terms & conditions apply.

27th May 2020    Secure I AM COVID 19 Thermal Screening solutions.

Secure I AM COVID 19 (Corona Virus) Thermal Screening solutiions

25th March 2020    Secure I AM Services COVID 19 UPDATE

Secure I AM Services during COVID 19 outbreak

18th March 2020    Secure I AM Services during COVID 19 outbreak

Secure I AM Services during COVID 19 outbreak

2nd March 2020    Multi Year Pyronix Cloud Subcriptions

Pyronix Cloud Subscription Services. 2, 5 &10 Years

1st August 2019    Online Shop, payment via paypal.

Secure I AM Online shop opens

1st August 2019    Pyronix Cloud Services.

Secure I AM annouce that they will be offering Pyronix Cloud Services, you can renew your annual cloud access at Secure I AM at rate of £28 per annum.

20th November 2018    Pyronix Cloud Access Renewal now available.

Secure I AM annouce that they will be offering Pyronix Enforcer in 2019, you can renew your annual cloud access at Secure I AM at introductory rate of £24 per annum for first 2 years if you sign up before the end of January 2019. Contact us for more details

20th November 2018    New Premier Elite and Texecom Connect SmartCom Firmware

Premier Elite V5.00 firmware will facilitate remote panel firmware upgrades when used with the Texecom Connect SmartCom V2.00 (and above) and a valid Texecom Cloud subscription, only available via installers along with regular health checks and remote servicing, please note Secure I AM currently do not offer these services.

13th November 2018    iRISCO and FreeControl mobile applications, Version 5.0

The new version has significant infrastructure changes that are designed to support the new RISCO Cloud. In many ways the new version is similar to the existing one, but with the following differences: •Email address verification and completion of account details. •Multi-site support – where each user can be a member of up to 250 sites with the same login credentials.

2nd August 2018    Premier Elite V4.03 Firmware

Premier Elite V4.03 firmware includes an update to improve functionality when using multiple communication devices, and improves the clarity of keypad notifications of low battery warnings from wireless devices. Premier Elite V4.03 firmware also includes additional functional enhancements and minor bug fixes.

11th May 2018    Texecom Ricochet Micro Shock

The Micro Shock-W is designed to detect and analyse a forcible shock and provide early warning of an attempted intrusion before a break-in occurs, ensuring the safety of people and property inside. The ultra miniature design provides discrete yet powerful protection for all windows, doors and walls.

Micro shock and contact combined coming soon.

23rd March 2018    Texecom Smart Com Firmware update 01.02.03 released

Texecom has released a firmware update for the Texecom Connect SmartCom. This new firmware, version 01.02.03, fixes an issue where in some cases an erroneous ATS or Com port failure is displayed by the control panel.

19th Febuary 2018    Texecon connect now on Android and iOS

The Texecom Connect App is a smartphone app for Android and iOS devices. Transforming the user experience, the Texecom Connect App adds home automation and end user control onto Texecom’s Premier Elite range of professional security systems.

8th January 2018    Premier Elite Com Wifi

Com wifi has been discontinued

1st January 2018    Texecom Connect

Texecom Connect, is comming soon, what is Texecom Connect ?

12th January 2017    Texecom Ricochet Micro Contact

Texecom, release new Ricochet Wireless Micro Contact, Gone are the days of bulky wireless contacts, so small they can hide inside a window or door frame. If they don't fit inside your door, they are small and blend in well with three different colour options. For more details visit:- Texecom Ricochet Micro Contacts

Offers for December 2020

Currently No offers for December 2020 and beyond.

How do our offers Work.

On our Price page and on our offer of the month page you will be able to see the latest offers.

Installation Offers of the Month need to be booked by the end of the month, payment in full will be required five days before the agreed installation date with a 50% deposit to confirm your installation date. If payment is not cleared in full this may delay the installation. Please note payments via PayPal may attract a 3% surcharge to cover administration; this will be confirmed in your finalised quotation.

Example Offer: December 2020, would mean that by the end of this month you would have to book the offer to guarantee the special deal, a deposit will be required to confirm your booking, however you may have arranged for the installation to take place on the 15th May, this means that the balance of your order must be paid as cleared funds by the 10th May.

Service Offers must be booked for the offer period, places are therefor limited on a first come first served basis and payable on the day in cash.

Help Pages

Our help pages are here to make it easier for our customers. With User manuals and common questions answered on our FAQ's.

If you have a question not covered in our FAQ section then drop us a line on our contact us page and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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