Secure I AM Services During Covid 19 Outbreak Update

Covid 19 - Please keep well and follow Government and WHO guidelines.

Whilst we live in a modern age, we are faced with things that take time to resolve, COVID 19 will be resolved in the future but all reasonable precautions should be made.

The Government have placed the UK in a lock down of sorts, as a result Secure I AM are offering Remote services only during the outbreak until further notice.

If you need urgent installation or site visit, we may be able to refer you to a local company that can help if we are unable to do so.

The ability to do Installation and on site maintenance work and site surveys is compromised due to social distancing and PPE availability. We will be able to offer guidance and support and remote servicing and surveys, especially those with facetime and whatsapp video calls.

Charges will be taken via paypal and remote time sessions booked. All current appointments have either taken place or been cancelled and where possile remote service been put in place instead.

Your health and the health of our team is far more important than commercial considerations, although it may prove to be a difficult time ahead for many.



Please help others that are in isolation or find it difficult to get their shopping done, if you are able to do so safely.

Wayne Robertson
Secure I AM