Texecom Veritas Replacement Buttons Kit DCA-0015

Suitable for all Texecom Veritas panels and keypads except the Veritas Excel LCD keypad.
Includes two separate membrane connections so no matter which of the Veritas units you have, you know the membrane will work.

Your keypad will have a straight ribbon on the membrane, or an angled ribbon on the membrane, both are supplied in this kit.

This replacement button kit is for all Veritas alarm panels with built in keypads and DCA-001 Remote LED keypad.

CFA-0001 Veritas 8, built in keypad
CFB-0001 Veritas 8 Compact, built in keypad
CFC-0001 Veritas R8, remote keypad DCA-0001 attached
CFD-0001 Veritas R8 plus, remote keypad DCA-0001 attached
DCA-0001 Veritas LED Keypad

It is not suitable for Texecom Premier/ Premier Elite or Veritas Excel keypads.


1 x Replacement Veritas Rubber Buttons
1 x Replacement Vertias Button Holder / Spacer
1 x Replacement Vertias DCA-001 / Veritas 8 Compact Compatible Membrane
1 x Replacement Vertias Veritas 8 Compatible Membrane

Veritas with old plastic buttons are compatible with this kit.
You will need to trim off the three rubber legs on the back of the keypad buttons.

Membrane SW024 replaces membrane MKS G076
Membrane SW022 replaces membrane MKS G423

If you have any questions please ask.

DCA-001 Remote keypad & Veritas 8 Compact Membrane

Replacement buttons Texecom Veritas Remote Keypad & Veritas 8 Compact Membrane

Veritas 8 Membrane

Replacement buttons Texecom Veritas 8


It is recomended that only competant people install and maintain Security systems.