Technical Support Services Questions & Answers

Q1. What information do you need?

A1.Please provide the following information to ku.oc.maieruces@troppus:-

Customer information:-

Full Name
Contact number
Contact email
Preferred days and times

Technical information:

Alarm panel make and model, ideally the Age and Version number.
Make and module of any component to be added to the alarm system
If you unsure you can send pictures of the alarm system for us to confirm.
What you want to do/ achieve.

Must have the following to information to hand on the day:

Engineers code for the panel
Wifi and router passwords if connecting alarm panel to internet
GSM APN details if using GSM module for internet connection

Q2. When are you available as I work shifts?

A2. This service is available by appointment only, we will work with you on the best available time for us both.
Note:- Outside of Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm and bank holidays a premium is payable.

Q3. What happens if it takes longer than my allocated time slot?

A3. The initial information provided should guide us on if the slot purchased is adequate and we will contact you if we think it isn't.
Once we have accepted the slot by confirming a time and date, there will be no additional charges made.

Q4. What if my issue is ressolved and there is some time left?

A4. It is unlikely there would be sufficient time to look at another query.
We are prepared to look at another issue, however should your time expire on the additional request we may advise that the time is up and an additional session is booked.

Q5. What if the issue is not resolved?

A5. If you have provided us with the correct details and we are unable to ressolve the issue, you will be refunded in full
We may be able to offer a site visit by an appropriate engineer, however this will depend on your location and availabiliy.
If requested we can look at arrranging an engineer and provide details of the cost.

Q6.What if I don't have the information available on the day?

A6. We will allow you to rearrange the support for another day when you do have the information available but only in notified at least 1 day prior to the support call.
Should the call have been started and the information is not available, it is possible that the support engineer may still provide support if the information is obtained quickly, otherwise a fee will be ducted of £10 during normal hours support and £25 and the call terminated and the remaining monies refunded.
Another session should be booked when you have the information available
It is recommended that only competant people install and maintain Security systems.