Secure I AM Texecom Connect Smartcom Setup

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Texecom Connect Smartcom Setup from £40

Texecom Connect Smartcom Setup

Setup only,Smartcom purchased from elsewhere, please advise on version number.

Supply Only,Latest version of Texecm Smart Com will be posted, no support on setting up the device will be provided.

Supply & setup, latest version available will be dispatched of the Texecom Smart com, you will be talked through the various stages of setting up of the Texecom Smart Com.

Stages of the Texecom Smartcom setup.

1. Unpackage the Texecom Connect Smartcom
2. Connecting Smartcom to panel
3. Connecting Smartcom to router
4. Programing panel for Texecom Connect and Smartcom
5. Generating App Code
6. Setting up Smart device to use SmartCom and or Wintex.
7. Testing system is working
8. Adding Panic button to Texecom Connect App.
9. Advice on what to do if changing smart device being used for Texecom Connect.
10. Advice on action to be taken in the event of Texecom Connect notifications stopping on Smart device

Normal appointments are Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm.
Extra appointments are before 9am and after 5pm Monday to Friday and bank holidays.

Technical Support Question & Answers: Click here

Smartcom Options

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