Texecom Cloud Service 3 Year Subscription :
Annual Renewal Only £105

Secure I AM Shop allows end user and diy installers to purchase items using paypal, Secure I AM do not keep any card details.
There is no retail outlet all items available for delivery only.
Supplied directly from our warehouse or by our distribution partners.
UK postage is included except remote areas.
We do not ship outside the UK, all orders from outside the UK will be refunded and not processed any further.

Technical Support can not be offered without a valid Engineers code for the panel.

Available by appoinment only.

Texecom Cloud Service 3 Year Subscription :
Annual Renewal Only £105

36 Months Subscrpition to the TEXECOM TCS Remote servicing per panel.


Panel firmware upgrade if available

Health check

Walk test (note you will have to walk around the premises and open and close the doors)

Bell Test (You will have to confirm its working or not if the engineer cant here it over the phone.).

As the engineer can not attend site, battery changes would need to be done by you.

Wireless device batteries including Keypad Bell box batteries you may be able to buy online along with the panel back up battery.
Check our battery calculator for your requirements and list of online suppliers
It is recomended to replace wireless batteries every 2 years.
Panel back up batteries, should be replaced every 5 years.

This is by appointment only and will require you to call via whats app, facetime

Services conducted by Secure I AM Engineer.

Not part of an annual service plan where Secure I AM would normally atend site.
Ideal for Endusers that require remote Services provided by Secure I AM

Note: This is a remote service solution, which is initated by a Secure I AM engineer, an Engineer will not attend site with this service but will be available via whats app or facetime.
Additional charges will be applied for programming changes and initiating panel upgrades when requested.
When taking initial subscription if you have a Premier Elite panel V5 or above it can be arranged for the panel upgrade to be initiated to latest version.

The TCS Service conection is provided by TEXECOM and Service is done by Secure I AM Engineer.


It is recomended that only competant people install and maintain Security systems.