Secure I AM Alarm help service

At Secure I AM we realise that not everyone knows how alarm systems work. Some people have used alarm systems day in day out either at work or at home, but many come across an alarm system when they purchase a property or unfortunately have been burgled and are looking for an alarm system.

Whilst alarms are similar, how they operate can be slightly different from one system to another, so here we have dedicated some web pages to help everyone.

Secure I AM cover Manchester, Tameside, Oldham and surrounding areas, to see if we cover your area click here for areas covered. Our help services page provides some useful information.

1. We offer help to complete an attempted install, subject to agreement prices start from £75. This is ideal for anyone that's run the cables and everything is in place but having trouble getting the system to work properly. Click here for help to install an intruder alarm system.

2. We offer a page of downloadable user manuals for alarm systems you may have that we install. Other User manuals can be obtained from the alarm Manufacturer. Click here for User Manuals.

3. We offer FAQ's for the alarms we install; some of these can be applied to other alarm system Click here for FAQs.

4. We have dedicated a page to images of alarm panels and there keypads so you can help identify what system you have. Click to help identify your panel.

5. We offer Home Security Tips section Click for Home Security Tips

6. Find alarm user manuals and tips for our burglar alarm and CCTV system on our Burglar Alarm Forum