Intruder Alarm & CCTV System Price Guide

Secure I AM pride themselves in offering great value for money intruder alarm systems, servicing our customers needs locally on site and worldwide on a remote basis.

When Secure I AM send you your detailed Burglar Alarm or CCTV quotation, we pride ourselves on providing the best value for your money.

In the unlikely event you receive a detail quotation from another installation company offering the same like for like equipment for less, then email us a copy of the quotation and we will aim to match or beat any genuine like for like quotation.

Unfortunately it must be a formal quotation with the installation company details on with the system and devices offered. There is a significant difference between an Accenta LCD intruder alarm system and a Texecom Premier Elite alarm system.

We are in the process of changing our price calculators to quote requests, as prices and technology is rapidly changing but can be used as a price guide.

Feel free to utilise our Burglar alarm price calculator or CCTV calculator to estimate the cost of your system for the time being.

Please note this is an estimate only and a full detailed quote will be provided after Secure I AM conduct a free no obligation site survey.

General things to consider

Ask for detailed quotations.

Research what alarm or CCTV systems you have been offered online, a useful forum is to ask questions from end users and professionals alike.

What you want from your system.

Future possabilities. (expansion of the system to accommodate changes).

Can the company/ installer answer your queries.

CCTV Things to consider

The purpose of the CCTV to be installed, a system that can show someone is outside the property up to no good is different to a system that can be used to identify the person that is up to no good.

Resolution and lens size, this is important, just because the camera is higher resolution, it does not mean a better image, it is more important to consider pixel density. This is a combination of field of view (FOV) and camera resolution. The wider the view the camera sees the lower lower the pixel density for a given camera of a given resolution.

Pixel density is the number of pixels over a set distance, pixels per meter (ppm), key numbers are 250ppm identify and 150ppm recognise.

This means the person caught on CCTV may not be be indentified if the pixel density at that particular spot is less than 250ppm, the closer the person is to the camera, the higher the pixel density will be for the person in that image.

Lighting, many CCTV cameras have excellent day time pictures but at night, they can be found wanting. Low light technologies exist and white light supplimneted cmaeras instead of infra red can lead to excellent ful colour images 24 7.

Common practice is to be shown a live stream image on a phone, these are often from a sub stream which can be significanty lower resolution but higher frame rate than the recorded image. You should always ask what if the phone is a sub stream image or main stream image and the resolution and frame rates.

It is recommended for recording purposes to have a frames per second(fps) of 12 or more, the higher the resolution the lower the frame rates usually are.

Technologies, analogue and IP, there are several analogue technologies and many cameras now are 4 technologies in one, the capability of the same camera may differe significantly between these 4 technologies.

IP cameras can be used independently of an NVR, often have much higher frame rates for the same resolution, often come with there own SD card slot.

We would always recommend continuous recording, although it is possible to record on motion or on smart events on most modern systems.

Intruder alarms things to consider

Keyholder, police response or self monitored, commercial premises are more likely to have a keyholder or police response, these systems have to work in a specific way and have regular maintenance checks and subject to a monthly monitoring fee and service fees, a self monitored system (bells only) can be much cheaper to run as a result, although it should stll be serviced once a year. You can also have a nieghbour, friend or relatively as a keyholder and not pay for that service.

The right detection devices for the risks and the environment the detectors are in, for example a Dual technology detector would be used rather than a standard PIR in a conservatory or garage to reduce the chances of a false alarm.

You may want to consider pet friendly detectors, unfortnately we do not recommend them as by design they limit what can be detected, and your pet can still ctivate the alarm, by jumping up on to a table or work surface, climbing up the wall or curtains. you may wish to consider perimter protection in the room or rooms the pets specifically cat and dogs reside whilst the system is set.

*Special Offers must be booked by the end of the offer Month and paid with cleared funds 5 days before the agreed installation date.

If you have already received a quotation and can provide a full list of whats being installed we would like to be able to quote you.