Texecom Premier Elite 64W with LCDLP-W Preconfigured

Secure I AM are often asked for this service.

The advantages are a system that is preconfigured based on your requirements by a security expert.
Leaving you with the basic tasks of fixing up the kit.

The 64W withe wireless LCDLP-W keypad, is a great way to ad an alarm where its difficult to run cables, especially recently redecorated homes

Whats included in the Texecom Premier Elite 64W with LCDLP-W starting at £525:

1 x Premier Elite 64-W control unit
1 x Wireless LCDLP-W keypad
1 x Wireless micro door contact
3 x Wireless Capture P15
1 x Wireless external bellbox with cover
1 x Battery back-up for mains failure
5 x Prox tags for arming and disarming the system

Why is this kit with Capture better than Compact Petwise or Premier Elite?

The Capture sensors have selectable petwise or normal PIR mode.
So if you have pets you can help reduce false alarms from your pets by placing in pet mode.
No pets make full use of the sensor as normal mode.
You can change the mode at any time.


Sensors for other rooms or buildings
Smart Com for smart phone access and notifications.
GSM dialler for SMS messages Texecom GSM COM
3rd Party GSM voice and text messages, like GJD710

If you are interested in this service contact us using email: preconfig@secureiam.co.uk or use the Contact Us page