Intruder Alarm & CCTV System Price Guide

Secure I AM pride themselves in offering great value for money intruder alarm systems, servicing our customers needs in the Oldham, Tameside, Manchester and surrounding areas.

When Secure I AM send you your detailed Burglar Alarm or CCTV quotation, we pride ourselves on providing the best value for your money.

In the unlikely event you receive a detail quotation from another installation company offering the same like for like equipment for less, then email us a copy of the quotation and we will aim to beat it by upto 10%.

Feel free to utilise our Burglar alarm price calculator or CCTV calculator to estimate the cost of your system. Please note this is an estimate only and a full detailed quote will be provided after Secure I AM conduct a free no obligation site survey.

CCTV Things to consider

Coverage, mid terrace is covered from the front or rear, end terrace and semi detached front side and rear, detached may be covered from all sides. Small overlap between the CCTV cameras is ideal, the larger the property the more cameras you may need.

Resolution of the camera, Secure I AM will not install less than 700TVL but recommend going HD. The examples represent installs by Secure I AM. Equipment used for your installation may be different, the most suitable options for your budget and requirements will be selected and detailed in the invoice.

700TVL System

700TVL Day Image

700TVL Night Image

3 Mega Pixel System

3 Mega Pixel Day Image 2048 x 1536

3 Mega Pixel Night Image 2048 x 1536

Night images will vary due to light conditions and camera capabilities, you can always add extra lighting later if required.

Recording resolution, no point I having a great camera if you can not record in decent resolution as the camera is effectively wasted.

Frame rate of camera and recording the higher the frame rate the smoother the video, but the more data to store.

Lighting, CCTV cameras are affected by the amount of light available on an evening, occasionally additional lighting may be required to obtain a decent night time image. The front of your property may have adequate street lighting, but the rear may not. Cameras will have a lux rating for Colour and night time vision, the lower the lux operating level of the camera the less light is needed.

The number of cameras, frame rate, resolution and how long you want to record for all affect the size of your recorder (DVR or NVR).

Permanent recording or motion activated, motion activated will save space in that it will record when motion is detected, the downside is if you have trees within the camera frame this may record unwanted events on a windy day.

This is why Secure I AM prices are only a guide and a site survey is required to provide a solution suitable for you.

Images taken from pc software playback and reduced in size for the website.

Burglar Alarms Things to consider

Door contacts, shocks or combined shock and contacts, in general shock sensors are used to protect for an attempted break in through a window or external door, door contacts are used on door for them physically being opened. Combination of both can be useful if you leave windows open when you at home to let air circulate, come to set the alarm it will tell you the window is open.

PIR's Passive Infra red detectors designed to detect movement, most will be familiar with the units usually in corners that have a red light come on when you walk in front of it.

Other detectors such as Camera PIR's, Panic, flood etc can be useful for further protecting your dwelling for a brief description of some options click detectors.

*Special Offers must be booked by the end of the offer Month and paid with cleared funds 5 days before the agreed installation date.

If you have already received a quotation and can provide a full list of whats being installed we would like to be able to quote you.